How to choose a perfect premium limousine service for every occasion?

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When you think of limousines, do you imagine celebrities, businessmen and millionaires riding in them? But don’t you know that limos are not reserved for them only? …


Top Common Realizations Students Have While in College

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Just like at any stage of your life, you experience certain realizations while being a college or university student. Some of them go unnoticed, some of them …

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Why home roasting should be the best choice to have a great cup of coffee?

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When was the last time your entire house got ignited with the pleasant smell of your roasted coffee?  Have the best coffee of your life while you …

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5 Healthy Habits that College Students should focus on this Year

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College life is a life full of fun and excitement. There is a lot that happens in a student’s college life. It is good to enjoy …


10 Reasons Why You Should Pay Sri Lanka A Visit

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In the past few years, far-east island destinations became really popular for tourists all around the world, with Thailand and its beautiful Phuket being in the …


9 Fun Activities You Can Have In Your Dorm Room

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Those of us who have lived in dorm rooms with our roommates know how fun it can be. Right from binge-watching Breaking Bad to munching on …


Lifestyle management services for anyone with an erratic lifestyle

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People today are swamped in everyday concerns and obligations. Stress and anxiety are becoming more common, and it’s all because of how busy and erratic our …


Exclusive: Rueben Wood Talks SOM Talk Live

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SOM Talk Live is an Entertainment and Talk podcast hosted by Rueben Wood and syndicated on 12 FM stations. The podcast/show is the audio form of …


How did Princess Diana found out about Prince Charles’ affair?

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Everyone witnessed the amazing wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1981, and people thought it was so perfect, that their marriage was going to …


Jennifer Garner Never Advised Angelina Jolie

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A year ago, a tabloid article said how Jennifer Garner gave an advice to Angelina Jolie on saving her relationship with Brad Pitt, and that Jolie …


Everything You Didn’t Know About the Royal Nannies

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Choosing an adequate nanny for your children can be a difficult situation, an in case of the royal families, a nanny has to have all the …


What Has Prince William Gifted Kate Middleton Over the Years

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Even if they are royals, who have to follow the rules every day, Prince William and Kate Middleton are, after all, your normal, average couple. That …